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7 Proven Ways to Speed up your Hiring Process

Sometimes Recruitment can be an herculean task for any organization.

There are many things to put into consideration when recruiting new employees. When recruiting, time and speed are essential to hasten the hiring process. However, recruitment decisions can directly affect the success or failure of the company. 

Job interviews are necessary to get to know each candidate, and it is best to cut out unnecessary steps. Suitable candidates are not only in high demand but currently, there are more employment opportunities available as compared to earlier years, so the company’s hiring process mustn’t take too long. Below are a few tips on how to speed up your hiring process.

Steps to speed up your hiring process

Although, time spent hiring is time well spent. However, it is essential to speed up the hiring process. Below are the steps;

  1. Use a recruitment specialist.  

Recruiters are known for screening resumes, scheduling interviews and shortlisting candidates.Due to their vast knowledge in the recruitment process, they have more access to market knowledge. Usually, recruiters have a list of suitable candidates for your open role, and they take the time to understand your needs and get the right candidate for your organization.

Using the right recruitment agency means finding the right candidate for your job. 

  • Hire from within 

An employee referral program helps to speed up the hiring process by allowing existing employees to apply for the role or refer someone. Also, informing your employees of a vacant position is a great way to speed up the hiring process, as they can identify the best candidate for a particular role in the organization. 

  • Use online application 

The online application makes it easy for a candidate to apply for jobs promptly. Also, online tools help to screen candidates and gather information about them. This helps to select qualified candidates and saves time.

Likewise, there are many options for different reasons, like resume readers, recruitment software, and screening platform that will increase efficiency. Choosing the most appropriate forum to promote your company’s vacant position is essential. Choosing the right platform saves you more time. 

  • Use social media 

The role of social media has drastically increased as it’s a new way for people to exchange necessary information. Using media makes your advertisement available to a broader audience of candidates, which helps you find the strongest applicant. 

Social media not only puts out jobs but also increases job visibility, reduces the cost of hiring, and screens candidates. Creating an engaging presence on social media can notably boost your employer’s brand by promoting visibility, credibility, and company culture.

  • Create a clear job description for the vacant position 

A job description with the correct information is integral to the job application process. A clear job description ensures that the applications match the vacant requirements without perplexing the candidate. 

Additionally, a clear job description helps the HR department and external recruiters streamline the selection process and attract more suitable candidates for interviews or other selections.

  • Consider flexible interview 

Companies risk losing talent to competitors if the interview process takes too long. A lengthy procedure would prevent candidates from stopping during the process and take up more of the hiring manager’s time. Companies should consider having flexible interviews when considering the speed of the hiring process.

  • Conduct interviews online or by phone.

There are countless advantages to phone interviews, a few of which are scheduling and convenience, time efficiency, accessibility, and a lot more. Video interviews give interviewers greater liberty to profile the candidates.

A video interview makes it easy to observe and assess the candidate’s enthusiasm, professionalism, and interest. In addition, it helps to spot visual cues such as body language and facial expression. Since the pandemic, remote interviews are widespread, and this will save the time and hassle of scheduling face-to-face meetings. 

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