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Top Five Tips To Get Hired.

Job application can be quite stressful with a lot of effort and attention put in making sure you get that dream job you’ve been aiming for. We know you put time, attention and effort in making sure you are the best candidate for the job you are applying for but might not be seeing results and you are getting tired of applying. You might be doing all the right things but not following due process.

When applying for a job it is very important to know your onions very well and be grounded to make it past the interview stage to get the job you deserve. 

There are some things you can do while job hunting that will help you find a new position faster and be hired immediately. 

We have done our own research to gather top tips that can make you land that job you deserve safe and sound. Use these tips to see if there’s anything you’re not doing—then give them a try.

#1 Build your resume.

#1 Your Resume is your superpower, work on it till it is perfect enough to apply for that job: 

it is important to note that the first thing that gets you near your dream job is that resume/CV. 

When an hiring manager look at your resume, they decide if you are a good fit for the role or not, this is why it has to be perfect (note: we did not say near perfect or okay, PERFECT!). 

Your skills set are very important which is why you should gain as much skill set as you can in line with the dream job you want to apply for so your resume is fully packed and the hiring officer/manager is not second guessing or filling in the blanks when screening for a particular skill in your resume.

If you are not confident with how you have written your resume, send it to a professional or friend who is the line of work you want to apply for to review and make necessary corrections until it is the best resume for that application.

Remember your resume is your superpower; improve and harness it!

#2 Build and Harness your Network.

#2 Build your Network and your references:

The popular saying goes that your “network is your net worthwhich clearly shows why your network matters a lot.

After writing that perfect resume; the one thing people miss out on is the fact that references are taken seriously as they show the kind of network you have built for a particular person to be able to vouch for your competency.

When building your network ensure that people that align with the role you are aiming for should be key players and your mentors as they will set you down the right path.

#3 & #4 Tailor your Job search and Research company before application

#3 Tailor your job search with specificity and consistency:

One mistake most people make is to just search for any job and then apply; the result is always unpleasant and might end up dampening your morale to apply for the right job. 

When looking for a job be sure that your skill and experience aligns with the job you are applying for and your perfect resume matches the job description and skill set.

Keyword search is very important therefore knowing the job you want and using the specific keywords for that particular job consistently; you might finally land your million dollar dream job.

#4 Do your due Research to any company you are applying to:

This is a critical aspect job applicants need to get comfortable with. Research has been made virtually easy as Google and Social media contain most of the content you need to know about where you want to apply to.

Job application without research is like going into a forest in the dark without a lamp/torch which can be easily avoided.

In-depth research of the company’s mission, vision and workplace ethics is very important as this allows you to know if you would be the best fit for the job and gives you a better understanding on how you can fit in perfectly for the job.

One thing hiring managers never let you know is that if you do your research well they will be impressed and that automatically gives you an edge over other applications.

Research might be boring but getting hired is the fun/reward for all the rigorous hard work.

#5 Prepare for and Ace the interview!

#5 Prepare and ace the interview: 

The interview is the defining phase for every job application. 

After building your resume, building your network, searching for the right job, applying and researching on the company, the interview gives you the platform to tell them why your application should be considered as the best and win the hiring managers to get your dream job.

Most people dress this stage as it is called the moment of truth where all your efforts either show for it or it goes south.

Now we are telling you that the interview phase is the most lax part of the hiring process. 

As long as you have done the first four tips listed correctly and meticulously, all you have to do is prepare, come in confident and woo your interviewers.

Getting to the interview stage is not an easy job but once you get there give yourself a pat on the back (“you are doing well”) and just prepare well. Watch videos on how to ace your interview, research well and be as honest as you can be.

You’ve got this and that Job can be yours!

Always put in mind the job search might not be an easy one but we assure you when you finally get your dream job, all the stress and hard work will be worth it!

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